MBS Sock Company is found after renovation through past experinence of our staff. The Company, aiming to serve the best in the fastest way, continues its business in in this direction as it was at the beginning.
We notice the customer pleasure as top-level priority by acting in the consciousness of realising the validity of the time.
In all production areas of our company, we serve the best for our partners by placing their preferences at the top of our priorities.
Our company has 30.000 dozen of production capacity with quality and flexible production tools in the boutique sector.
Our main production area is based on the machines of 6,9 and 14 numbers/sections. Moreover, we can obtain the necessary raw material and produce it in the direction of special customer preferences.
The Production in Mechanic and Electronic Machines:
We produce; male, female, junior, baby -socket, bootee, towels, embossment, legging and wristnad.
Towards a more sustainable future by best service and confident partnership..
Our Mission,
To meet the customer orders in the fastest and effective way without leaving our main principles
Our Vision,
To place our company in a better better place on the global scale in order to enlarge the perspectives of our customers and strengthen our partnership with them.
Our Principles,
The Customers and their preferences are alwayss valuable for us.
We notice transferring customer pruchases just on time.
We are in a permanent contact with our customers.
We solve the problems by constant communication with our partners.
It is important for us to inform our customers and partners about technical matters.
A trustable, respectful and far business is one of our major principles.
We focus on producing environment-friendly products for the society.

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